About Greg

Greg Martineau

Greg Martineau founded Greg Martineau Projects back in 1995, building upon many years of experience in the construction industry. Greg worked for many years cribbing and framing houses all over Calgary and beyond. It was during that time that he learned how windows, doors and siding could really transform the comfort and aesthetics of any home.

When it came time to build his own business, Greg turned to the sector of the construction industry that had become his passion. It's fair to say that there's probably no individual in the Calgary area who is responsible for the installation of as many windows as Greg. There's almost nothing he doesn't know — so why not put him to the test?

The Purpose of This Site

Greg wants you to be able to make the best window decisions when installing or replacing your home's windows. His knowledge of Calgary's climate and weather challenges is being shared to ensure you get the best windows advice.