Kitchen windows — the room we spend most time in

The kitchen is probably the most used room in the house, so light, air and comfort is everything here. Every kitchen has a window, and the one safe bet is that one is placed in front of the sink. This is where most homeowners dream of having a nice ledge to support a couple of flower pots.

That has them considering what the industry calls a kitchen bay. It replaces your existing window over the sink with a window that extends out from your exterior wall 12" to 16" on average.

It comes in two styles: a 90 degree bay or a 45 degree bay, or occasionally 30 degree. That means that the flankers (the two small windows that make up the side of the bay) are either built straight out (perpendicular) from your existing exterior wall, or constructed at a 45 degree angle.

When choosing a style you should consider that the centre window of the three light bay window is what you look out the most. It becomes smaller in width when using the 45 degree bay. The upside is a beautiful showpiece to enhance the kitchen but there are a couple of downsides.

If you want this window open, you often have to use a stool to reach the opening mechanism because it is set so far back from where you stand in front of the sink.

It can also be a cold window in the winter because that warm air coming out of the vent that is at your feet in front of the sink doesn't make its way up to your glass very easily. The result is that glass and window can be cooler especially if it is on the north side of the house. That can result in a window prone to condensation when temperatures dip.