Light, beauty and comfort — your windows can WOW!

The words beauty and comfort go so well together for so many things around the home. But light sets itself apart as being specific to the window industry in a very real sense.  

When new windows are installed into a home the reaction is predictable: WOW!

How can a simple window have a WOW factor? Try it! Replace a window in a room you have enjoyed in the past but have not used for quite some time. Perhaps that room faces south with a view, but gets extreme heat build up that is unbearable when the sun shines. Maybe you can't open the window anymore; the hardware is shot; the inside is peeling paint because condensation ran down the glass for many years onto your painted wood frame.

Your remedy is keep the curtains closed, or maybe you don't use the room so much.

The real neat thing is that a window is simply a replacement part for your home that needn't cost the earth. Yet it is a part that is very noticeable from both sides of the glass. You can touch it, open and close it, or just look out of it. But more importantly, it makes you want to use the room it is in.

New windows are beautiful inside and out; they come in many colours on the frames, and that alone refreshes the curb appeal.   The inside can be optioned with either wood to be painted or stained to highlight the home's interior motif or they can come in shiny, maintenance-free, ultra-clean white vinyl.

There is comfort in how it controls the temperature of the room, whether it is open or closed.  It is a combination of the engineering and aesthetics when a window is designed to work in a specific room.

But best of all is light. Light, perhaps the best cure for the doldrums, a spiritual boost in summer and winter — therapy for free. Just sit in it, look around and feel the difference. Life is better when the is beauty, comfort and light all in one room!