Living areas — enjoy the outdoors from inside

Some homeowners are lucky enough to live where their neighbours aren't eight feet away. When your home is on a large lot or acreage, you can put large windows in any room and upgrade the livability of the room. That is why the big acreage homes have such big windows. But that is not the case for the majority of homes.

Even so, no matter where you live or what you live in, there is one wall in your home that has some type of view or a greater dose of sunlight that can be utilized and still remain relatively private.

The industry call it enlarging the existing opening or creating a new opening. It means you get a bigger window than the one you currently have, or get a new one altogether by making an extra hole in your wall.

If your current window is big but doesn't open for fresh air, then adjust the configuration (meaning change the style of the window from a picture unit to a casement, awning or slider that opens.)

So often you see homes with the same windows the house was built with. Many times they have even been upgraded to new ones. Many times they re-install the exact same size and configuration with very little thought of the potential to really change the overall look of the house, and improving the lifestyle within the house beyond recognition.

I know you think I am pushing "bigger is better". You may also think that bigger windows negatively affect energy efficiency because in the past it probably made the house colder. But today, if done properly with the right frame, glass and Installation you can even use passive heating (using the natural sun rays shining onto the house to heat it at almost no cost, even in winter).

The simple truth is this: Windows bring natural light and air into a room, so you want to spend more time in it. In reality, they make your home more valuable to you because you get more out of it.

It is those underused spaces, whether it is the living room, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, that can allow you to look out at nature, making your home feel so much bigger. You'll spend more time there simply by installing windows.