Vinyl windows — put away the paint brushes for good

Vinyl windows are all the rage today because there isn't any part of them that can rot over time. They are totally maintenance-free inside and out, and have unlimited lifetime warranties on the frame.

Vinyl windows frames are extruded. Extrusion means that they are manufactured by heating the vinyl to a high temperature and run through a dye which shapes them to pre-determined dimensions. All of this adds up to a lower cost of production. This saving is passed on to the consumer, making vinyl windows the choice in the majority of residential homes today.

Obviously, some vinyl windows are better than others; the thickness of the vinyl would be the first place to confirm that. Vinyl is plastic, so it can be bent and twisted easily. To maintain the strength of this type of window, it is made with multiple cavities within the frame. In some instances these spaces can accommodate metal reinforcing rods to increase the integrity and overall strength of the frame. This inner strengthening technique allows the window to be manufactured to a larger size. The cavities also help with keeping the window frame warmer, since cold has to pass through warmer air and vinyl.

Vinyl windows come in standard white and beige, which is its natural colour. But many manufactures today will paint it almost any colour you want for a small premium. That means you may never have to paint it again.