Window security — feeling safe is peace of mind

Window security is always a greater concern where the crime rate is higher, but we all seem somewhat at risk of home break-ins wherever we live. So even if it is only to reduce the fear of a break-in, secure windows have real value.

All manufactures of windows consider security important. This can be seen with different types of glass made today; some can resist the blow from a hammer; some even are bullet-proof.

More importantly it can be seen in the latching hardwareused to lock closed windows that could be pried open. Most latches in a slider window are designed today to latch up, not down; nothing can be lifted out and free it from the frame. In casement and awning windows, the latches are doubled up so nothing can pry the sashopen. 

Window bars can still be added to the exterior separate from the window itself, but they are very costly and quite ugly.

Almost all configurations can have a restrictor installed so that the window of any configuration doesn't open more than four inches. This can prevent the air coming in, so most can be activated and deactivated easily in warmer weather when you are home. In the case of emergency, all locks have to be capable of deactivation easily without tools and special knowledge.

Security is here to stay and is going to get more and more important as the world becomes more heavily populated and perhaps more violent. Your windows need to keep up with the changes in our society.