Window technology — new technology means bigger, stronger, warmer, better!

To say that new technology has impacted the window and door industry would be an understatement. Technology has revolutionized windows.

Window frames are now made of materials that have lifetime warranties attached to them.   Window hardware (the components that allow the window to open) have a lifetime warranty on them.  Glass has a 20-year warranty attached to it.  All of this is because new technologies have evolved to take this industry to another level of confidence through durability.

New technology has played its greatest role in the manufacturing process.  New advances in order entry computerization programs allow the buyer to build his own window, and upload the information to the manufacturer's website.  From there it goes straight down the manufacturing line, ensuring you got what you ordered from type, size and configuration. (That does mean that you need to know exactly what you want ...)

New technologies in design software such as RenoWorks allow you to visually try the windows onto your home before you buy them!  At last, you can now see what it is going to look like on your own PC.

New technologies in glass manufacturing have gone so far as offering Neat Glass. This is glass that cleans itself when it rains.   You can now buy glass from Japan that allows clear glass to transform into obscure glass at the flick of a switch, so you don't need drapes for privacy. 

I think it is safe to assume that new technologies have played and will play a huge role in developing future trends in the window industry. The direction is towards bigger, stronger, warmer and better. It's all designed so you — the homeowner — can experience more of the outside world from inside the home: more daylight, more sunshine, more fresh air and better views.