Financial benefits — a return for your money on your window investment

A recent article by Chris Sorenson in Maclean's magazine titled "The Renovation Trap" highlighted how Canadians load up on cosmetic improvements with their home renos, ignoring more important fixes that would make their homes more comfortable and energy efficient in the long term.  The article spoke about the importance of doing easy things like going to higher insulation levels, really good windows, tight air-leakage ratings, radiant in-floor heating and something as simple as LED lighting.

The main focus of the article is that energy prices are going to spike. It is as sure as the fact that your home is going to age.  The simple financial lesson from commentators like Sorenson: Do things to your home to make money on the investment.   

Windows that vent properly in the summertime for cooling your home can replace the air conditioner.  It's just the opposite in winter, when good windows aren't losing warm air because they are sealed properly. Ideally, they are aligned correctly to absorb the sun's passive heat. With some forward-thinking, your home heating cost are going to go down all year round.

This type of renovation can actually make you money when done properly. It should always be done before the lipstick (a cheap, good-looking alternative) is applied to the exterior because so much has already been spent on the interior.